About Us

Agape Bible College (ABC) classes started formally in 1993, and has graduated students.

Amazing Love Bible College is ordained by God to equip men and women for the Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. The college does not call men and women into ministry, but men and women who are called of God into His Ministry are equipped for every good work. The college does not ordain people rather each graduand follows whatever policy of ordination from his mother church.

The college is founded on the principle of the whole man for the whole truth. Recognising that “all truth is God’s truth”. We hold to the teachings of the Bible as our constitution. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. We believe that in love, we train men and women, to discern the times and be faithful bearers of the good news to every nation.By the Holy Spirit, we teach the truth of God to the whole man. Therein lies the enabling power of ABC. We try to do theology in an African context but rooted on the Word of God, totally relying on the Holy Spirit.

Motto: Love Bears All Things

Statement of Purpose
A graduate of Agape Bible College should be able to express without reservation that the Bible is the Word of God and constitutes the written revelation from God to man. He or she must seek to live under the Holy Spirit control. The student upon completion of the course program can be expected to demonstrate skills congruent with a Christian understanding of leadership and administration through structured classroom situations and applied practical projects.

The ABC is set up to educate men and women for a world-wide Christian Ministry as Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Communicators, Missionaries, and lay-workers who are committed to God for particular services. The ABC is to provide Christian training in some specialised areas; Church Ministries- to provide trained clergy, military chaplains and Church leaders in the areas of Church Administration, and Pastoral Ministries; Education – to provide trained Christian Teachers and Educators; Communications- to provide trained Christian Communicators, Evangelists, etc. And lay people, who will be equipped to carry out the vocational jobs more efficiently.

These institutional goals will be met through a thorough and a balanced biblical education and related subjects in order that students may acquire knowledge and understanding of their societies and the ability to relate the Christian Gospel to them. The principle of the Scriptures is the basis of our entire ABC education. Both Departmental and Course objectives must be relevant to the needs of the students and our society, and also to making the Christian Gospel clearly understood in the African context.

Spiritual and moral emphasis are balanced by high academic standards. The part time nature of the training allows the student to be in constant touch with his environment. He will be doing theology. Not in abstraction, but in the real existential world of everyday life.
What We Believe

Our Doctrinal Statement is as contained in the Constitution of Amazing Love Ministries.